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Wednesday, January 14th, 2009

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Subject:catch up ;;;; oh god i'm bad at this
Time:11:21 am.

Haha, quite a lot has happened since my birthday and I guess I just never thought of writing about it.

It turns out I didn't fail Physics after all. By some sort of Christmas Miracle Curve, I managed to score myself a C in the class. However, to balance that out, I got a C (2.0) in both of my upper level English courses. It kind of sucks my major GPA is at a strong 2.0 right now, but I'm generally looking forward to my other classes that I can probably raise it up.

I've also decided to get a double major in Communications Arts with a Rhetoric Studies emphasis. I haven't completely ruled out law school yet, but I've decided as a back-up I'm going to try and open my own wedding planning company. One of my friends who's a business major wants in and I think she'd make a good partner because she's pretty much a polar opposite of me and she can handle numbers whereas I can't.

Um, what else? Oh! I got a Wii for Christmas. :D I've been playing Brawl like a motherfucker and getting ready to return to my days of Melee beatdowns. I've not been able to figure out how to get the wireless to work, but I'm sure I'll manage eventually.

I'm back in Madison now and classes start next Tuesday. I'm looking forward to this semester because I designed it completely to be a recovery from my grades this semester. But anyways, here we go with what I'll be taking:

Animal Biology
Classical Mythology
Creative Writing: Intro. to Beginning Fiction and Poetry
Communication and Human Behavior
Intro. to Rhetorical Theory and Criticism

All in all, I'm looking forward to what's going to be coming this semester--except for getting my hours slashed at work. That kind of sucks. But it can't be helped since my co-worker has the same exact time slots I do this semester.

Sunday, November 30th, 2008

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Time:1:15 pm.
holy shit, i'm 20 finally.

i think i'd be more excited if i wasn't so sure i'm going to fail physics in the arts. that, and i have no motivation to do anything.

Wednesday, November 5th, 2008

(oh fuck me)

Time:8:09 am.

I knew I made the right choice in coming to Madison. I knew it.

If it wasn't enough to be surrounded by gracious friends to take in everything last night, there were at least a good 100-200 people marching in the streets cheering and waving.

God damn I love this city. Also, kudos, America, for not fucking it up.

Non-kudos to every spoiled bitch that wants to run to Canada after this. We dealt with your shit for the last eight years, give us our time back to fix it.

Tuesday, October 21st, 2008

(oh fuck me)

Time:10:18 pm.

Clearly, I need to get back into speech-classes or something because I did not foresee this five minute video-taped presentation needing to take an hour or so because I cannot talk correctly (in addition to being wholly unprepared).

I can say with utmost certainty video presentations are my least favorite academic grading deals.

Thursday, October 16th, 2008

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Time:5:01 pm.
I think I'll be a much happier person after November 4th. And that's assuming I don't have to hear about Sarah Palin, "Mavericks," John McCain, Joe Six-Pack/Plumber, and William Ayres anymore.

Wednesday, September 24th, 2008

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Time:10:29 pm.
You know what annoys me?

When someone disagrees with you in a discussion about something you like, and then says, "You can [feel that way] ..."

Oh, really. Can I now? Why thank you for your approval and permission! I wasn't aware I needed it, but I'm so glad I have it now. Is there any thing else I can do for you while I'm at it? I mean, if I can do that, I should know what else I can do too, right?

Tuesday, August 5th, 2008

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Subject:i need to update this more and get better icons
Time:6:44 pm.

If I hear one more retarded thing about Brett Favre pissing and moaning about how he's not returning and/or people expect me to know shit about it since i technically work under the Packers, I'm going to rip someone's nose out with my teeth.

this is not a threat, this is A Promise.

Additionally, here are some fun facts about professional football players that i'm sure a great portion of you don't give a shit about because you're too busy watching some retarded animu or something.

1. Football players like to shave. A lot. And they like to leave it in the sink so that when you have to clean this sink, it takes an average time of 10 minutes to do so because they're very small and they're fucking everywhere.

2. Football players are fucking Lazy. This lazy was capitalized for a reason. During the middle of the night, Packer players do not like to get up to go to the bathroom even if it is an incredulous five foot walk from their beds. So, instead, they piss in water bottles that their housekeepers have to inspect because we aren't sure if it's beer, apple cider, etc. and finding urine in bottles is Not Fun.

Those are my two favorite facts, but I'll throw more out when I'm done with this job in a week or so. =A=

Fortunately, Madison in three weeks!!!! ;A; So happy~

Monday, June 9th, 2008

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Time:9:19 pm.


I was accepted to Madison~~~~~

Monday, May 5th, 2008

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Subject:this was bound to happen
Time:8:14 pm.
I have likely fucked up my chance to attend UW-Madison next year.

It wasn't because I did something illegal, just irresponsible. From 7:30PM last night to 2AM this morning, I worked on finalizing my art paper. I was tired of looking at it and just wanted to get it done and over with. It was supposed to be a 15 page art history research paper, but ended up being 20 (with works cited/endnotes) pages long. I don't know if it's worthy of an A, but I don't think it deserves any lower than a B. And I did pick a pretty original topic, at that.

 And because I did that and not really studied for my English final (except for two hours worth this morning), and later had to sacrifice that to get an ink cartridge from Walgreens because my professor refused using two-sides to the paper which is the default at the library and impossible to get off the setting. So, anyways, I did that and was slightly confident going into my English final.

The first essay wasn't so bad; I could see maybe an 85% on that. The second one--oh god. I didn't read two of the texts and one of them I assumed the epiphany involved was that the character figured out that it was a hole in the wall they were staring at or something. If I get anywhere between a 75-80% I'll consider it a miracle.

Aaagghghhh I hate finals. X((((

Sunday, April 6th, 2008

(oh fuck me)

Time:4:11 pm.

I have this problem where I fuck myself over without realizing it.

Case in point: Friday, I finally grew curious as to why I hadn't been receiving any housing information from Milwaukee. So, I contacted them and it turned out (after I did some deeper investigation), I accidentally mis-read the question on the original application to there which asks, "Are you interested in off-campus housing?" to which I read as "on-campus" housing.

At that point, I was told that the likelihood of me getting into the dorms at this point is ridiculously bad. So now, for sure, Milwaukee is out.

;;;; I'm pretty much screwed with three things:  1.) Wait to hear back from Madison and hope I get in, 2.) Stay at SNC (NO), and 3.) Try elsewhere. If Madison decides "LOL NO" at me, then I figure I'm going to try and apply at UW-Eau Claire or UW-Stevens Point. Nnnnngh, DO NOT WANT.

Also, holy shit is the Merry Viking Funeral scene in One Piece even more depressing in the anime. :(((( Man, I'm really glad this series got really good again. I love it so much. ;3;

Sunday, November 11th, 2007

(oh fuck me)

Subject:LOL 'tis the season
Time:12:31 pm.

So, my school found e.coli in its food thanks to a student who contracted it. *A*)/`

Last night, when I went to piss, there was a GUY in the all-girl's bathroom. I'm just curious, what the fuck are you supposed to do in a situation like that? I plan on telling my RA about it, mainly because this guy is always on our floor, really loud, and really obnoxious, but still.

Also, my roommate was sick throwing up last night too.

What the hell is with everyone being sick lately?

Aside from this, though, while I'm not a religious person by nature, I'm pretty sure I believe in angels now. Because I heard them singing as a woman came to ME yesterday at work and asked ME if she could sign up for an Old Navy Credit Card. *A* I finally sold one off. She said she'd mail it in and the managers were iffy to count it but I think after realizing how retarded I was at folding clothes, they gave in.

It's probably the only one I'll ever manage to sell, but nonetheless. Not bad for the third day, right?

Monday, November 5th, 2007

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Time:12:12 pm.
Despite the ridiculous drama of this weekend and the absurd amount of things I have to accomplish this week that are expected to be done by Thursday that I'm putting off, I'd say there's a few major rays of light coming through.

Not only was going down to Madison beneficial for me to get out of working and potential burn-out, but aside from the drama that almost caused the end of my relationship with Aaron, it ended up even stronger than ever. :* Here's to a year and a half on November 25th.

Aside from this, I'm also moving out of my dorm room. I'm just going to be down the hall, that's all.

The most humorous part of all this:

My new roommate's name will be Ashley. So it will be Ashlee and Ashley. Even better is that Aaron's roommate's name is Aaron.

I don't know about you, but that's fucking creepy.

Also, I hope Old Navy will continue to be as easygoing as the first day was last night. If it's like that all the time, I think I'll enjoy it there.

Tuesday, October 30th, 2007

(oh fuck me)

Time:10:36 am.

LOL, ten bucks says I shot myself in the foot for next semester.

I got a letter a few weeks ago telling me I need to have all my vaccination records updated since they didn't transfer over from New Jersey, apparently.

WELL, advisement days are next week and apparently I need to talk to a doctor before I get bloodwork done before they test me for what vaccines I've gotten and need to get.

I just need to hope that I can get into a good Biology 100 or 180 class or pray that I can get Johnson for my Philosophy class. Otherwise I might be buttfucked. :<  Shit.

Saturday, October 20th, 2007

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Subject:re: Dumbledore being a homo and all
Time:11:50 am.

I really have to wonder if J.K. Rowling sits in a room and thinks to herself,

"MAN, how can I make this book series even more poorly written seeming than it already is? Oh, shit, I know! I'll totally pull something from my ass when fans ask. I mean, the book is already done all I have to do is fuck around with them now. I mean, look at all the fag hags going shitfaced for this crap already. Let me just write a list and whatever one I pick is now gay!"

On the plus side of life, I love my new laptop. I even named it Ginger in her honor.

And for you fags on the flist that are angered by this, when you post it behind my back in angry sentiments, remember--it's "AshCHAN" not "Ashcan." I don't want to deprive you of making yourselves feel better by showing off my rampant "homophobia" or whatever excuse it is you kids use nowadays.

Tuesday, October 16th, 2007

(oh fuck me)

Subject:a moment of beauty
Time:6:39 pm.
My Japanese class, despite the weird animu otaku, provides true gems every now and then.

Today, we had to give a presentation about ourselves in 10 sentences. My favorite one:

"Inu ga oishii~" (Dog is tasty) --keep in mind this is coming from a guy who's about 20-some years old, could easily do well in the Marines, and has the face of a baby.

My teacher cried from laughing, and I laughed too, and I think we were the only two who did. There was one girl who was incredibly offended by the statement too.

That just made it all the better for me.

Sunday, September 16th, 2007

(1 fuck | oh fuck me)

Time:1:33 am.

I was never so happy to take a shower in a dormitory on a day other than today, let me tell you that.

I'm also pretty sure this weekend assured me I'm incredibly socially retarded as well. But on the plus side, it also assured me I'm not nearly as fucking whiny as some other people.

One girl threw a tizzy fit on my floor when we got back,


It made me feel a little better about myself, at least.

Monday, September 10th, 2007

(2 fucks | oh fuck me)

Time:2:18 pm.
Rofl, holy shit.

I have a quiz every day in Japanese this week because she wants to get through Hiragana (which according to all the red marks she's made in my textbook, I'm shiteous at). Not to mention I also have to type up two papers for Sociology and Political Science.

And then on Friday and Saturday, I'm gone on a retreat for Emerging Leaders.


Tuesday, August 28th, 2007

(oh fuck me)

Subject:College Update.
Time:9:11 pm.

I like my classes. For the most part, they all seem really interesting.

But sweet jesus, the homework. I have no idea how I'm gonna finish it all before the next classes! I'm not even going out that much either; when I get done with class or work, I just come right here and slave away on homework and take a few breaks here and there.

I still have to finish up a reading assignment for PoliSci for tomorrow, so I think I'm gonna do that.

I did learn though that it's much quicker to do notes on the computer than handwrite. I'll just have to look them all up before class tomorrow though.

Japanese is fun, but I'm having some difficulty writing the characters out. She's a huge perfectionist when it comes to that stuff and my drawing ability is very minimal, so I'll just have to practice. But hey, at least I've memorized what an "A" in hiragana looks like. Oh, and "hi" too. Slowly, I'm getting there!

But I do have to say I really like college so far, and even though it's super expensive and I miss Ginger SO SO SO much, it's really worth it. Though the classes are demanding, it's worth it. I really enjoy them and it's fun. I'm excited about learning new things for the first time in forever, too.

The only thing I have to complain about is that no one in my Sociology class is willing to participate except for me. What the fuck? It's an easy class. I don't understand how people aren't interested in it either, but whatever. At least I'll get a good grade from participating a lot and making the most out of it.

For the first time in awhile, I'm really, really happy. Even if it means I had to make some difficult sacrifices.

Tuesday, August 21st, 2007

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Subject:in better news, ginger is going to the vet tomorrow thanks to my mom and--
Time:2:15 pm.
Hebi Swordsman: go away
Hebi Swordsman: your voice hurts my head
In full bIoom: Maybe a little. ;~(\

Quinta Espada: didn't Szayel kill you yet, shinigami?
Quinta Espada: Am I the only one that can dispose of the weak so quickly and efficiently. u_L;
Abarai kun: Was he supposed to? =A=a I mean, it's not like you did anything great.
Abarai kun: ::take out banjo::
Abarai kun: ::strum::
Quinta Espada: ...
Abarai kun: da na na na na na na na
Quinta Espada: -goes back to Mexico-
Quinta Espada: Even this fool isn't worth killing..

Wednesday, July 25th, 2007

(4 fucks | oh fuck me)

Subject:ksahfkjadhjsd fuck you financial aids
Time:3:55 pm.
Okay, mostly to tilvictorybut if anyone else has an idea you're more than welcome to chip in.

How the fuck does one go about getting student loans? More importantly, where?

I've checked wasfaa.net and rofl, that was not helpful. Also, my dad is pretty much leaving me to this so--just assume it's me.

What do I need to do even? ;; Oh god, I suck at college already.

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